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Dare to Manage!

The higher you get in an organization, the more management matters.

Nick Forrest's How Dare You Manage teaches you this, and other insights, such as:


in its third printing!​

What changes when you become a CEO?
1. Now you have more people to manage - not fewer.
2. Now you are accountable for everything - yes, everything.
3. Now you need to manage more - not less.

What Readers Are Saying

From the President & CEO of a major Canadian utility:

“A brutally honest and bold assessment of the skill set CEOs need to raise the performance of their company. This book dares you to do your best with the opportunity you always wanted by making waves, making decisions, and making sense.”

From the Special Advisor to a Global Human Resources Consortium:

“Like the author himself, this book brings simplicity and clarity to the complex issues behind this challenge. How Dare You Manage? is sure to result in a more competent talent pool from which to draw our next generation of CEOs and leaders.”

From the President & CEO of an International Mining Company:

“A must read for new and older CEOs alike. As one who numbers in that first camp, I found that it gets to the heart of why an organization fails to achieve its true potential and then provides the practical and powerful advice a CEO needs to change that.”

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