Why You Should Read HDYM

Pragmatic Guide, Extraordinary Impact


How Dare You Manage? is a pragmatic, unique, how-to guide for CEOs (and aspiring CEOs!) to unlock potential in their organizations, their teams and themselves through the use of seven proven principles specific to executives that manage large numbers of employees.


Management Matters


Nick Forrest is the founder and president of the organizational transformation firm Forrest & Company Limited, and 26-year veteran of consulting and coaching in the C-suite. In How Dare You Manage?, Nick demonstrates that organizations with 250+ employees have crossed the “management sound barrier” and therefore the means of achieving high levels of productivity and outstanding results change. Did you know that:


• For CEOs of large organizations, management becomes more important than leadership;

• These CEOs require specific management principles that differ from what they have learned in the past;

• Executives of large organizations need to focus on the craft of management rather than just techniques


A Quarter Century in the Making


In his long career, Nick has seen the best and worst of organizations. He knows when CEO management works, all employees are aware of and aligned with the CEO’s strategy and are working in unison toward achieving it. Organizations thus become energized and engines of growth.