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Principle # 5: Manage Your Organization’s Lateral Relationships

In order to fulfill its visions and mission much of the work in companies moves sideways across functions or departments to create the required value for the customer.  You have to ensure the work of your different functions is integrated so employees can successfully do their work.

When working with a peer in a different department, employees sometimes need discretion and authority to provide a requested service or receive a service from a designated peer in another function. As CEO it is your management accountability to ensure the authorities are in place so they can have it to ensure your employees work effectively between the different functions in your company.

In How Dare You Manage you will learn:

  • How to clarify role relationships
  • What is required to manage the key lateral relationships of your company
  • How to identify and manage the key cross functional processes in your company that deliver key aspects of your strategy
  • How to determine what types of authority you can delegate
  • What are the specific consequences of failing to manage lateral relationships
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