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Principle # 3: Level The Organization

Part of your management work as the CEO is to determine the required number of levels of work in your organization to effectively implement your strategy.  Too many levels causes bureaucracy and limited thinking.  They can choke the life out of an organization because employees do not have the space to feel empowered or the adequate use of discretion to get their work done.

If you determine you have too many levels in your organization have the courage to address it and reduce them. It is an uncomfortable conversation, but it will release energy and creativity into your organization and  your  employees will thank you for doing so.  Their roles will be meatier and more challenging, allowing them to grow and learn.

In How Dare You Manage you will learn:

  • How to create the optimal number of levels in your organization
  • How to recognise  and the damage it does
  • What thinking and work should be done at each level
  • How this leads to clarity of expectations and understanding with your employees
  • Why employees want to come to work!
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