Category: Define The Work

My last blog was impassioned, occasioned by the pain the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) inflicts on passengers passing through Pearson Airport.

The cause of this highly visible incompetence is the creation of an organization that provides its employees with no clarity around work roles and, even worse, gives them no authority to carry out their work. A role that exists without the necessary authority is simply unfair and virtually ensures job failure. It is not possible to hold an employee accountable for a level of work if this work has not been clearly defined.

To experience the frustration this lack of management inflicts on passengers, I dare you to fly into Toronto on a Sunday evening, arriving on an international flight. Once through immigration, you are destined to wait for your baggage (my longest wait last year was an hour and a half, my shortest was 35 minutes).  There are no information announcements, no employees are readily available to assuage and inform passengers of the situation, and when you finally track an employee down, they blame the airline. Managers are invisible.

As I say in my book, how dare the CEOs manage this way and inflict such pain on their employees… not to mention on their customers – the passengers!

Nick Forrest