Category: The 7 Principles of CEO Management

The previous principles enable the CEO to create a strategy, and then define what work and its complexity is required at each level of the organization.  Knowing this is a great backdrop to building and matching the right talent to the right work.  This is called fit to role. The right employee in the right role can make an organization sing!

In How Dare You Manage you will learn:

  • The four components of employee capability
  • How to judge capability
  • How managers can evaluate the capability of direct reports
  • How to mentor, coach and grow all your employees
  • What to do with misfits
  • What happens when the fit is right
  • How to hold managers accountable for outputs
  • The essentials of top talent management

The previous 6 principles are designed to enable effective management to occur.  However, it will not happen on it’s own.  You have to now manage your organization if you wish to capitalize on the work completed in the first 6 steps. You have to make it all happen with effective management.

This means you put capable managers in place throughout your organization, train them in the eleven management practices then hold them accountable to manage your employees effectively using them.  This is what separates high performing companies from low performing companies.  This is how you can get great results with a highly engaged workforce.

In How Dare You Manage you will learn:

  • How to keep your management model simple but highly impactful
  • The 11 management principles required to enable your managers to effectively manage your company
  • How to hold employees accountable
  • How to ensure that truthful performance management conversations with consequences occur